kickoff workshop

Thirty international researchers and expert of Robotic Surgery invited in Verona by project coordinator Prof. Paolo Fiorini.

official start of the ars project 

More than 30 researchers and international experts gathered in Verona University to define a Project roadmap to autonomy in Robotic Surgery.

October 30-31 2017

More than Thirty experts and researchers from the best universities in Europe and the United States came in Verona for the Kickoff meeting of the ARS Project – Autonomous Robotic Surgery.

A moment of encounter between specialists from different sectors and a unique opportunity for a cross-comparison in order to include also the legal and ethical aspects that the adoption of these technologies will bring.

The discussion will be summarized in a document that will map the skills and future development of robotic surgery.

Days of Workshop

Researchers Involved

ARS WORKSHOP – 30 October 2017

9.00-9.20 Paolo Fiorini
9.20-9.40 Marco Zenati, MD
9.40-10.00 Torsten Kroeger
10.00-10.20 Pierre Jannin

10.20-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.30 video Guang Zhong
11.30-12.00 Discussion and Q&A
12.00-13.00 Brain-writing sessions

13-14 Lunch

14.00-14.20 Arianna Menciassi
14.20-14.40 Joel Burdick
14.40-15.00 Alberto Sanna
15.00-15.30 Skype with Fabio Cuzzolin

15.30-16.00 coffee break

16.00-17.30 Brain-writing sessions
17.30-18.00 Brief tour of robotics lab

20-22 Dinner in the city center

ARS WORKSHOP – 31 October 2017

9.00-9.20 Joerg Raczkowsky
9.20-9.40 Franca Melfi, MD
9.40-10.00 Giancarlo Ferrigno
10.00-10.20 Skype with Alberto Arezzo, MD

10.20-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.20 Andrea Gavazzi, MD
11.20-13.00 Brain-writing sessions

13-14 Lunch

14.00-14.20 Skype with Prokar Dasgupta, MD
14.20-14.40 Jessica Burgner
14.40-15.00 Giorgia Guerra
15.00-15.20 Skype with Silvana Perretta (?)
15.20-15.40 Lueder Khars

15.40-16.30 Discussion and future plans

16.30-17.00 Farewell coffee break


ars interviews

Ideas and perspectives on Robotics Autonomy in the surgical field, here’s the opinion of the speakers.

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