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The goal of the ARS project is the derivation of a unified framework for the autonomous execution of robotic tasks in surgery, a challenging environment where accurate performance and safety are of paramount importance.

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Prof. Paolo Fiorini

Paolo Fiorini is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Verona – CS Department. His research focuses on Teleoperation for Surgery, space, service and exploration robotics and autonomous navigation of mobile robots. In 2001 he founded ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory which hosts about 25 researchers. Over the years the Lab has developed a wide knowledge in the field of robotic surgery and has been awarded several EU and Italian grants. Before going to Verona University Fiorini had a long experience in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory –  California Institute of Technology.

Latest News and events

Hamlyn Symposium 2021

Hamlyn Symposium 2021

We are glad to take part to the HSMR – Hamlyn Symposium 2021 online edition, with three virtual posters presenting the ARS Research.

Maker Faire Rome 2020

Maker Faire Rome 2020

On 11, 12 and 13 December join our virtual stand at the Maker Faire Rome. Discover our ongoing research and chat with us during the live sessions!