research insights

issue 1 – autonomy

What is the difference between autonomy and automation?

Camilla Fiazza

What are the roles in an autonomous surgical intervention?

Camilla Fiazza | Daniele Meli | Chiara Zandonà

Why autonomy in robotic surgery is needed?

Camilla Fiazza

What are the essential features of a surgical autonomous robot?

Daniele Meli | Michele Ginesi | Andrea Roberti

How to design robots that are interpretable by humans?

Camilla Fiazza

issue 2 – Safety

How can we ensure that the robot is acting in a safe way?

Camilla Fiazza | Daniele Meli | Eleonora Tagliabue | Chiara Zandonà


Who is responsible in case the robot commits an error?

Camilla Fiazza


Can the surgeon take action while the robot is operating?

Daniele Meli


How does the robot deal with unexpected events?

Daniele Meli | Camilla Fiazza | Eleonora Tagliabue | Marco Bombieri 


issue 3 – learning

Knowledge of the robot: how is it organized, used and collected?

Michele Ginesi | Marco Bombieri | Andrea Roberti | Daniele Meli


How does the robot learn the rules of an intervention?

Michele Ginesi | Daniele Meli | Marco Bombieri


The senses of the robot: sight

Andrea Roberti


What information does the robot use to orientate itself?

Eleonora Tagliabue