research insights

issue 1 – autonomy

What are the roles in an autonomous surgical intervention?

Daniele Meli | Chiara ZandonĂ 

What are the essential features of a surgical autonomous robot?

Daniele Meli | Michele Ginesi | Andrea Roberti

issue 2 – Safety

How can we ensure that the robot is acting in a safe way?

Daniele Meli | Eleonora Tagliabue | Chiara Zandonà | Andrea Roberti 


Can the surgeon take action while the robot is operating?

Daniele Meli


How does the robot deal with unexpected events?

Daniele Meli | Eleonora Tagliabue | Marco Bombieri 


issue 3 – learning

… coming soon

Knowledge of the robot: how is it organized, used and collected?

Michele Ginesi | Marco Bombieri | Andrea Roberti | Daniele Meli


How does the robot learn the rules of an intervention?

Michele Ginesi | Daniele Meli | Marco Bombieri


The senses of the robot: sight

Andrea Roberti


What information does the robot use to orientate itself?

Eleonora Tagliabue