ars interviews

Shooted in occasion of the ARS Kickoff meeting

the expert’s opinion

Ten experts in the field of robotic, surgery, engineering and mechatronics answer our questions about robotics and AI, and its future perspectives.

Prof. Pierre Jannin, Biomedical Engineer

Prof. Jannin is Professor at the University of Rennes. He is Research director at the National French Institute of Health and Scientific Research and President of the French International Scientific Society of Computer-assisted Surgery. 

Prof. Marco Zenati, Heart Surgeon

Prof. Zenati is a heart surgeon, and Professor of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School, Boston. 

Prof. Jessica Burgner-Khars, Robotic Engineer and Researcher

Prof. Burgner-Khars is Director of the Continuum Robotics Laboratory, University of Toronto.

Dr. Andrea Gavazzi, Urologist

Dr. Gavazzi is a surgeon, specialized in Urology and Head of Urology Operative Unit at Centro Oncologico Fiorentino, Firenze.

Prof. Arianna Menciassi, Biomedical Engineer

Prof. Menciassi is a biomedical engineer at The Biorobotics Institute, Sant’Anna University, Pisa.

Prof. Torsten Kröger, Software Engineer

Prof.  Kröger is founder and former CEO of Reflexxes and  Head of the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics of KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Dr. Lueder Khars, Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Khars is Head of Medical Technology Group at the Institute for Mechatronische Systeme, Hannover.

Prof. Elena De Momi, Biomedical Engineer

Prof. De Momi is a biomedical engineer at Politecnico di Milano NearLab.

Prof. Joel Burdick

Prof. Burdick is Research Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory CALTECH – California Institute of Technology.

Prof. Joerg Raczkowsky, Biomedical Engineer

Prof. Raczkowsky is researcher at KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.